“Every student deserves to have teachers who are experts in their subject 

– Arizona Governor Jan Brewerareas and the Arizona Center for Teacher Preparation provides a rigorous, expedited, and cost-effective route to teacher certification for professionals with undergraduate degrees, especially those in STEM fields. I congratulate the Arizona Center as it officially launches its program in Arizona so more can obtain their teacher certification and begin inspiring young minds throughout this great State.”


“There are districts and schools in Arizona that continue to struggle with access to quality teachers, especially in the areas of math, science and  special education.  The American Board program, recently approved by the AZ State Board of Education, would allow professionals with a Bachelor’s Degree to acquire a teaching certificate and Highly Qualified Teacher status through an online format and less than $4000 in tuition costs.   What better way to fill hard-to-find teaching openings than with professionals who are already a shareholder in the school community?”

– Dr. Debbi Burdick, Superintendent-Cave Creek Unified



“I’m proud to have been the original sponsor of the Arizona Center for Teacher Preparation program in 2008, and I am very pleased that in 2013 this has finally come to fruition.  If we want our children to be the “best and brightest” they can be, then we need to cast a wider net when looking for teachers.  Some of the “best and brightest” potential teachers are trained professionals currently serving in other fields. They have a lot to offer our children in the classroom.”

– John McComish, Arizona Senate Majority Leader, 18th District (R)



“In my 27 year career as principal, Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent, I have noted that the availability and selection of ‘Highly Qualified’ teachers is the single most important factor in providing effective instruction in our K-12 Schools. This shortage reaches critical proportions in small, rural and many lower income urban districts. I welcome the advent of the Arizona Center for Teacher Preparation as a far-sighted, affordable and quality addition to our nation’s teacher certification dilemma. It is my hope that each state in America sanctions this program.” 

– Dr. Ray Polvani, Superintendent


“I have been employed as a full time teacher and I have you to thank. I never thought this would be possible and it is only because of your opportunity. Thanks again.”

– Christine Lake, Biology/General Science/Mathematics/English Language Arts/Elementary Education


“This affordable and convenient alternative option was a perfect complement to my busy work schedule. The program allowed me to work full-time and pursue becoming a teacher.”

– Clark Sarge, Mathematics


“Going through the regular certification channels, it would’ve taken me three or four extra years. This let me get into the classroom a lot sooner.”

– Walter Lutes, Mathematics


“I really felt like, for me, it was the best opportunity out there because I could work at my own pace and I could keep working [my current job].”

– Heather Miller, English Language Arts


“The wonderful thing…is the flexibility. You just log onto the site…you’re able to get all the information that you need, all the course work. And you have the customer service reps at your fingertips and they’re always really good at getting back to you and getting you through the program.”

– Bridgette Blake, English Language Arts


“My worst day at school is still better than my best day in the office.”

– Lisa Mayo, English Language Arts

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