Scores & Score Reports


After you complete an exam, you will receive a score that will inform you if you passed or failed the exam based on our Passing Scores guide. See below for details on test scores.


Immediately after your examination, you will receive an unofficial score report that reflects the number of multiple choice questions you answered accurately.

When taking the Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK) exam, you will receive a score report on the multiple choice portion of the exam only. The written component of the exam takes 4-6 weeks to be graded.

Official scores will appear on your MyPass dashboard the morning after your exam. After you have completed and passed both exams, we will mail you a paper copy of your exam results along with your American Board certificate.


Exams include a few questions that are not counted toward the graded score. These are considered non-scored questions. The purpose of these questions is to test them before including similar questions in future versions of the exam. Students will not be informed of which exam questions will not be scored.


Once you have received a passing grade on your PTK exam and completed your mentorship, please contact the AZCTP/American Board to further advance your certificate.

After the American Board receives your background check authorization and transcripts, your certificate will be mailed within 15 business days of passing your PTK exam. If you are missing any documentation, you will receive an email with instructions on how to submit missing items to the American Board.

You certificate packet will include a certificate recognizing your American Board certification, your official score report, and detailed instructions on how to submit necessary paperwork to Arizona Department of Education.

*Please note: We cannot email certificates or score reports due to state regulations.

**International students will need to pay shipping costs to receive their certificate packet. Please email to arrange this transaction.


Read below to learn about exam retakes and how to petition to have an exam rescored.


Students can retake their PTK exam twice. Your first exam costs are covered by the costs of the program. If you need to retake a test, you will be required to pay testing fee of $195 per additional exam.

If you fail your PTK exam after sitting the exam 3 times, you will need to find another route to certification.


You may request a rescore of the multiple choice portion or the written portion (or both) of an exam within 30 calendar days of receiving your official scores on your MyPass dashboard. Rescore request forms can be found here. You will be charged $100 per rescore.

Rescores consist of an audit of the exam session process, including a review of the exam questions and discrepancies between what was answered and what was recorded. Letters of recommendation, certifications, and previous exam scores will not be considered in a rescore.

In the event that a rescore results in a scoring change, the American Board will notify you and return your appeal fee within 60 days of being notified of the decision.


Students of the American Board may appeal a testing or certification decision within 30 calendar days of the decision’s notice. Students may request an appeal regarding:

  • Accommodations
  • Allegations of misconduct in connection with an examination
  • Background checks
  • Misconduct in connection with an examination or testing irregularities
  • Transcripts
  • Revocations

Depending on the nature of the appeal, the American Board may request additional evidence from the candidate. All candidate appeals are reviewed quarterly.

In the event that an appeal has been found to be of merit, the American Board will notify the candidate and return the appeal fee to the candidate within 60 calendar days of notification of the decision.

Further information regarding appeals can be found here.


If you have any questions regarding exam scoring, retakes, or rescoring, email us at

Or, give us a call at 1-877-669-2228 (option 4) Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm EST.


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