The mission of the Arizona Center for Teacher Preparation is grounded in helping build communities one teacher at a time.

The Symptom:

African-American, Hispanic, and Native American males are incarcerated and drop out of the school system at a significantly higher rate than other groups.

The Problem:

The education system inadvertently fails these groups by not providing clear role models for these students. By not keeping students engaged, and understanding their unique needs, these students have a higher drop out rate and often higher incarceration rates.


There are many points of intervention introduced by many groups to help alleviate the problem, however solutions post-incarceration are reactive, ideal solutions address social issues, inequities, and early intervention.

Several studies cite the lack of clear direct role models in young lives. When asked who their role models are, typically sports stars or celebrities are mentioned before teachers, coaches, professionals, and even parents. The Strong Role Model initiative by the Arizona Center is a philanthropic arm focused on recruiting and rewarding teachers intent on helping African-American, Hispanic, and Native American students by being strong role models for them.

Teacher Diversity Fund

The Arizona Center for Teacher Preparation is looking for donations, funding, and grant opportunities to recruit career changers into the teaching field, and then reimburse their enrollment upon successful completion of certification and proven results in the classroom.

Candidates apply for available stipends by filling out an application and submitting an essay demonstrating their success as a strong role model for their students. If funds are available, an action committee reviews applications and recommends finalists for stipends.

Call to Action:

When it comes time to enroll, please consider a donation no matter how small to this fund. Individuals wanting to donate can click the donation link. Companies or foundations interested in contributing or setting up matching programs should contact us at:

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