AZ TeacherPrep Program

The Arizona Center for Teacher Preparation offers candidates its comprehensive AZ TeacherPrep program – a route to become a teacher in Arizona. The program is comprised of two components: the Classroom Qualifier, a self-paced program; and the Employed Internship, a year-long position that allows you to select a mentor for your first year of paid work as a teacher.

Successful completion of both components is required for the Arizona Center to recommend the candidate for certification to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE).

Buying the Classroom Qualifier and Employed Internship as a Bundle

Candidates can purchase each component separately, or have the opportunity to save $950 by combining the two program components into a bundled purchase. Candidates must purchase the Bundled Package in one transaction to take advantage of this discount, and cannot claim it retroactively.

Important considerations when buying the bundle

An 80% refund is available within the first 30 days to candidates who paid in full. Installment plans are not eligible for cancellation or refund after the contract has been signed. Candidates must be aware that bundle purchases are subject to the same refund and installment rules that apply to the individual program components. Therefore, potential candidates should assess their ability to pass the Professional Teaching Knowledge exam by examining the standards and study plan provided by our parent company, The American Board, BEFORE enrolling in the AZ TeacherPrep program.

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