• Thought about changing children’s lives as a teacher?

    If you were meant to make an impact on the children in your community by becoming a teacher but were hampered by the expense, the time, and the frustration, consider the Arizona Center for Teacher Preparation for a faster, cheaper, and easier route to teacher certification.
    • Arizona Teacher Prep Event UPDATE

      The Arizona Center for Teacher Preparation (AZCTP) offers one of the most flexible and affordable ways to earn your teaching certification in the state of Arizona. We offer an online, independent study program that will allow you to prepare to teach at your own pace and without the costs of returning to school. AZCTP candidates take an average of 10 months from enrollment to certification, and many continue working full time jobs while preparing!

      Click here to view our webinar and learn how you could become a teacher.

    • News and Testimonials

    • “Every student deserves to have teachers who are experts in their subject areas and the Arizona Center for Teacher Preparation provides a rigorous, expedited, and cost-effective route to teacher certification for professionals with undergraduate degrees, especially those in STEM fields.” Jan Brewer

      “I’m proud to have been the original sponsor of [this] program.  If we want our children to be the "best and brightest," we need to cast a wider net when looking for teachers.  Some of the "best and brightest" potential teachers are serving in other fields.” John McComish

      “[S]chools in Arizona continue to struggle with access to quality teachers. [AZTeacherPrep] allows professionals to acquire Highly Qualified Teacher status through an online format.  What better way to fill openings than with professionals who are shareholder[s] in the community?” Debbi Burdick

      "This affordable and convenient alternative option was a perfect complement to my busy work schedule. The program allowed me to work full-time and pursue becoming a teacher." Clark Sarge

      "Going through the regular certification channels, it would've taken me three or four extra years. This let me get into the classroom a lot sooner." Walter Lutes

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